Friends of Groove Now

Groove Now organizes and presents concerts with internationally renowned blues and soul musicians. This is a non-profit endeavor pursued with a purely idealistic focus. The FRIENDS OF GROOVE NOW support Groove Now by enabling its long-term direction, thus securing the future of Groove Now.

The support of the FRIENDS OF GROOVE NOW is aimed at several years. 

The FRIENDS OF GROOVE NOW receive concert tickets for each concert, reserved seats and are invited to the Groove Now buffet before the concerts.

The FRIENDS OF GROOVE NOW will also be invited to attend a special dinner in the fall that they can enjoy alongside the musicians of the current concert.

The FRIENDS OF GROOVE NOW can opt for an annual fee in the amount of either CHF 5'000 (category Soul) or CHF 2'500 (category Blues). In return for their support, the FRIENDS OF GROOVE NOW will receive 24 concert tickets (category Soul), or 12 tickets (category Blues) respectively, as well as 24 buffet vouchers, or 12 vouchers respectively, in the corresponding calendar year.

The annual fee is due in January of each calendar year and Groove Now will provide an invoice for the amount. Groove Now sends the appropriate donation confirmation to their patrons and persons of legal entities can usually deduct this amount from their taxes.

The FRIENDS OF GROOVE NOW are asked before every concert if they will be attending, and if so, with how many people they will attend.

We look forward to welcoming you as a FRIEND OF GROOVE NOW.