Friday 08.06.2018 / Saturday 09.06.2018
The Finest Blues Guitar Woman & Two Texas Blues Legends live at Atlantis:

Sue Foley Texas All-Stars

featuring Lou Ann Barton & Derek O’Brien (USA)

Originally, she is from Canada, and besides several prestigious international blues awards, Sue Foley is the recipient, in her homeland, of numerous Juno and Maple Blues Awards as one of the most remarkable Canadian blues musicians. 

But ever since this first-class guitarist and singer immigrated successfully into the legendary music scene of Austin (Texas) almost thirty years ago, she counts as one of the select circle of great Texas blues women, along with famous friends such as Lou Ann Barton, Marcia Ball, Angela Strehli and the late lamented Candye Kane.

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And on the electric guitar, she may hardly have a serious female rival apart from Californian Laura Chavez: Sue Foley has every right to be called „The Finest Blues Guitar Woman“.

The line-up for the two shows at Groove Now is very special and can only be seen in Basel and not on the remaining tour. With Lou Ann Barton and the guitar sensation Derek O’Brien that hardly plays outside Texas but is a legend of his own, a better line-up is not to be seen anywhere in Europe.

After two highly praised albums (and two acclaimed Basel shows) with Tennessee singer-songwriter Peter Karp, Sue has relocated to Texas for her latest album on her own, „The Ice Queen“, playing with local heroes such as Jimmie Vaughan and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame. And for her third time in Basel, she is bringing a hand-picked band of real „Texas All Stars“, featuring one of the outstanding voices just mentioned, Lou Ann Barton, who might be called one of the last great white blues singers of our time. But Lou Ann not only has an extraordinary voice, turning every song into her very own: she also has an incomparable aura. After a long solo career and an equally long collaboration with legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan’s brother Jimmie, she now has returned to performing regularly for some time. And she remains very conscious of the great Texas blues tradition, just like Sue Foley, who once so memorably remarked to the Los Angeles Times: „I wanna be the female Clarence Gatemouth Brown. I wanna be seventy-five, a wicked guitar player, and ornery as hell!“ Sue Foley may just have turned fifty, but she  is definitely on her way to reaching these lofty goals.

Sue Foley - Guitar / Vocals
Lou Ann Barton - Vocals
Derek O'Brien - Guitar
Tom Bona - Drums / Vocals
Leo Valvassori - Bass

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Concert Details:
Friday/Saturday, June 8/9, 2018, Atlantis, Klosterberg 13, Basel
Showtime: 20.30 h
Doors: Friday, 20 h / Saturday, 19.30 h
Tickets: Friday, CHF 49 (Special price thanks to Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank) / Saturday, CHF 59

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