Friday 17.08.2018 / Saturday 18.08.2018
The Greatest Soul Singer Alive live at Atlantis:

Wee Willie Walker & The Nightcats Band & Horns

feat. Rick Estrin & Kid Andersen

Wer nun wirklich als letzte lebende Soul-Legende gelten darf, darüber streiten sich die Fans. Aber Wee Willie Walker, geboren 1941 in Mississippi, hat gute Chancen, noch lange unter diesem Ehrennamen unterwegs zu sein: 

Whether or not Wee Willie Walker is truly the „Last Living Soul Legend“, his is definitely one of the last great voices keeping Sixties soul music alive.

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Born in Mississippi in 1941, this former Gospel singer can be expected to stay on the road for many years as a most honorable representative of this now classic genre. For his latest recording, „If Nothing Ever Changes“, Walker has earned two „Living Blues Awards“, as „Comeback Artist of the Year“ and for the best new album in the Southern Soul category. Way back in the heyday of Sixties soul, he recorded several singles fort he legendary Goldwax label in Memphis (Tennessee), but even before that, as a member of a gospel group, he had established himself in Minnesota, where he came to be considered the regional Ambassador of Southern Soul. And it is in this capacity that he has, since then, come to Europe as well, not least to the famous Notodden Blues Festival in Norway, delivering a most memorable concert with Rick Estrin’s Nightcats in 2016, now to be heard on a fantastic live album.

It is not by chance, then, that Wee Willie Walker is coming to Basel in this very line-up: the Nightcats have been among our favorite bands for years, and Groove Now insisted on having him in Basel with them! Once upon a time in the Eighties, «Little Charlie & The Nightcats» were among the most successful Californian exponents of Urban Blues. But when, in 2008, their flamboyant singer, harmonica player and songwriter extraordinaire Rick Estrin became the group’s leader, the combo took off for good. Not least thanks to Norwegian-born Chris «Kid»Andersen, acclaimed as one of the world’s best blues guitarists.

Wee Willie Walker: Vocals
Rick Estrin – Vocals, / Harp
Derrick "D'mar" Martin – Drums
Lorenzo Farrell – Bass
Chris ‚Kid’ Andersen – Guitar
Jim Pugh – Keyboards
Tron Taalesen  - Baritone sax
Magne Rutle - Trombone
Vidar Torbjørnsen - Trumpet
Andre Kassen - Tenor sax

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Concert details:
Friday/Saturday, August 17/18, 2018
Atlantis, Klosterberg 13,  Basel
Showtime: 20.30 h
Doors: Friday: 20 h / Saturday: 19.30 h
Tickets: Friday, CHF 49 (Special price thanks to Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank) / Saturday, CHF 59


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